Lessons of a Learning Leader. 'Lest I missed anything in my youth' (Alexander von Humboldt)


How much risk we should each take in growing in any skill? Some play it safe. This is understandable. Wounds from past experience may inhibit us from trying anything new. However, this is very self-limiting. We will never come near to our full potential with hesitation as a life strategy. Then there is the other extreme: radical recklessness. Clearly some people are an …

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Resuming posting on this site

I’m resuming a blog on this site. It’s been too long, and I’m moving back to more writing. Over the next few posts I’ll be exploring some of the current work I’m doing on a new book about another aspect of high-performing managers – personal margins and personal mastery. It’s a rich area that resonates with a lot of people I …

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