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Patrick is a respected contributor to best practice literature He has helped author universally adopted frameworks like MSP and PRINCE2

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This site will provide you additional downloadable resources to compliment the book, as well as news and relevant blog articles.

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“A comprehensive body of knowledge, processed and distilled…”

Practical People Engagement is the latest book by Patrick Mayfield (who previously co-authored Managing Successful Programmes) and stems from a research project within his company, pearcemayfield, which studied the distinguishing habits of high-performing leaders of programmes and projects. The results led him and his team to conclude that a key discriminator was the way these leaders engaged with the people in and around their projects. They not only thought differently but actually behaved differently and the time they spent investing in relationships was clearly connected to the excellence of the results they achieved.  In terms of one of the sources he references in the book, effective engagement with people became a ‘keystone habit’  for successful change leadership. Often referred to as ‘stakeholder management’, historically this area has often been treated as quite marginal to the business of project management and, if featured at all, tended to be explained only through the grid of linear process and documents.

“A rich treasury of material…”

It was a short while later that Patrick was asked by a corporate client to design  a workshop on Engaging Your Project Stakeholders. In assembling the content he was struck by the volume and richness of the material available, gathered from several related fields including marketing, cognitive psychology and change management. This, together with the earlier research results, inspired and informed Practical People Engagement.  Written in his charcteristically engaging, direct  and  non-academic style, Patrick has already attracted critical approval of the book from industry professionals and colleagues alike.

“A feast of practical ideas…”

Practical People Engagement contains 300 pages of clear and practical inspiration so people who just want an academic treatise should look elsewhere! On the other hand, if you need a comprehensive, realistic and practical guide to engaging with people, positive as your lead change, whether project-based or not, then this book is for you.


I hope you will agree with me that this is one book you really must have on your desk.  I believe that you will want to return to it again and again as a valuable reference of practices and techniques for leading people to new solution” – John Edmonds


Stakeholder Engagement – The 7 Principles!

Contributed by Lenny Descamps – Best Management Practices Manager at APMG-International


Four Reasons to order PPE TODAY!

Flexible Application

1It can be used wherever you are in your project or your change. You don’t have to follow any yellow brick road, but can call off material ‘on demand’ wherever and whenever you have the greatest need.

Rich Content

2It is written in a simple, easy to understand style with numerous illustrative examples and stories. It will inspire and encourage you to take those small practical steps that make a significant difference to outcomes.

Free Resources

3This dedicated website offers supplementary resources and links to the book so you can rely on having comprehensive support always available. This website also hosts Patrick’s blog, Learning Leader.

Basis for Qualification

4PPE is the standard reference for a new professional qualification in Stakeholder Management which is accredited by APMG-International.